Bodkin's busy life

Omgoodness Im still here..

Thanks to a facebook memory post, I just found this blog again..
Its amazing what you forget, how life just moves forward regardless of that. Theres clearly only so much room in your head to juggle everything, despite your best intentions.
I’m not sure I’m even the same person who started this blog. Its been 3 years since the last post and so much has happened.
Cancer, that definately happened, this last year has been spent surviving the life saving treatment.
Im a boob lighter with a total immersion degree in the wonders of chemo and radiation. Its not really a career move, my fledgling gardening business has fallen by the wayside, former clients becoming life long friends, ironically as their lives may yet be longer than mine … they popped in with meals and transported my children to school on days leaving my bed was impossible.
I’ve been taught that people who care about you, desperately need to help.
Love is a currency, it will be returned to you with interest in times of trouble. Our family, friends, the childrens school, random strangers.. infact our town …. they have carried us through the darkest days with gentle hands and strong hearts.
Letting people help is an lesson in grace. To accept help gracefully as an independent adult is a skill worth gaining.
Life will happen, its unpredictable, the gift cancer gives is an awareness of its value.
Acute, excruitiating, exquisite.
As my life will now be counted in days, months, years and hopefully decades at my annual diagnosis anniversary, I hope to never lose the wonder and sparkle in every day things, to never become complacent, blasé, to fall into mediocracy.
Bodkins Busy life … is still busy, still living… and eternally grateful for that gift

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