Bodkin's busy life

sun shine …on a cloudy day….

you really know is raining when you can hear it in the shower…

…under water..

..whilst singing…

( er..singing may be subject to interpretation)

Beautiful rain falling from the sky, soaking into the parched and thirsty earth, I can see the trees and shrubs out there waiting for me, comedy routine at the ready to casually sprinkle droplets down my neck, into my gumboots and make me shriek like a big girl!

bless em

Yesterday it was hot..HOT HOT HOT

I considered spending my day here

with a good book and cups of tea, but alas I had to go to work..

I t was so HOT.. I was forced to wear shorts..

(you may wish to apply sunglasses at this point)

(or maybe a welders mask)

Having last worn shorts ( mumble) years ago, the glare was painful, fortunately as I was hedge trimming I got to not look down, for fear of falling, thus avoiding snow blindness factor +1000

see..lavender hedge..mmm delicious

French lavender -6 foot high in places

apologies Featherston, lucky its raining today !

(of course my purple jeans may not be much better..)

the voluptuous lavender adds a gorgeous touch to a slightly formal garden site

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